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Going through a troubled marriage and desperately looking out to stop your divorce


Even after many trials failing to Make your ex fall in love with you again.

I know you are passing through a painful phase. Let me tell you that getting your ex back is all about playing some MIND GAMES with your partner.

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Are You In Love, Again?

  • You have recently felt that the break up was a mistake?
  • Your marriage is on the verge of divorce and you don’t want so? (If married)
  • You are badly missing your ex?
  • You just have one desire?
  • Off late, you are feeling that your ex is the best suitable match for you?
  • You have become a victim of depression?
  • You are losing on your diet?
  • You have lost charm in life?

All these are symptoms of your desperation to have your ex back. I hope you will not deny! So, the only answer to all these problems is to know – How to Get Your Ex Back Fast?

This seems to be a tricky question, but actually it’s not! Every adult faces such situation at least once in his/her life. Falling in and out of love is normal about couples in love. Unfortunately, sometimes relationships crash into a painful break up …but break ups are absolutely reversible. Trust me, even the couples with worst break ups have reunited.

No matter the cause of the break up, be it infidelity, loss of attraction, over possessiveness of the partner or a new found attention. Whatever it is everything is forgivable in matters of heart.

You will be SURPRISED to know that almost 90% break-ups are reversible. All you need to do is to follow a full-proof plan, step by step for your success. Your Ex will definitely be closer to you than ever before even after years of separation.

First, again consider the causes of your break up. Examine things that have hurt you and your ex in the past. It might be deeds or behavior, but it is essential to rectify your past mistakes and learn from it. You cannot erase your past but it will help to avoid mistakes of past in present.

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A relationship is bound to have ups and downs. Usually, you will argue about certain things based on your differences in personality.

Make Your Relationship Better

These differences may strain a relationship sometimes. However, this does not mean that you have stopped loving each other. To go through the tough times in an easier way, you will need to make the bond between you stronger.

A relationship needs time and effort. Here are a few things that you may do to make your relationship better;

1. Have quality “alone” time

The secret to a strong relationship is spending a lot more time together. When you concentrate on other things too much to the extent that you do not have ample time together, your bond will weaken with time.

Create some time to be together away from work, children and friends.

2. Communicate more about yourselves

Most of the problems that occur in a relationship are due to poor communication. You need to be able to talk about all the things that matter in your relationship even when you feel uncomfortable.

Sweepings things under the carpet will create misunderstanding which could even ruin the relationship. Respect each other’s opinions when discussing important issues because even though you share a life together, you may reason differently.

3. Support each other

When both of you have dreams, you will need to support each other. Jealousy between couples brings about competition and this can negatively affect a relationship.

You will need to find an amicable way of working on your dream careers without straining the relationship. Committing some time for bonding even with your busy work schedules will ultimately make your bond stronger.

4. Allow your partner some space

You both had a life before you met. Things change when you are in a relationship and your first responsibility is of course to your partner. However, this does not mean that they stop having friend and relatives.

You will need to accept that sometimes this is an aspect of their life they cannot give up. Allow them some space to bond with friends and the extended family provided this does not come between you two.

SPACE is really important whether you want to make your relationship better or working towards how to get your boyfriend back. After breakup many women don’t understand this step and they start acting needy and desperate. I already wrote articles about how you can get back with your ex and don’t want to write more about it here.

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5. Talk about financial responsibility early on in the relationship

Money is a huge relationship-breaker. Even before you venture full swing into the relationship, it would be wise to know the financial obligations on each of you.

If you are married, you need to be willing to share your resources more. Taking the time to handle this crucial matter will save you from troubles with your partner in future.

6. Be willing to work on your weaknesses

You are different personalities. This only means that each of you has a weakness the other can barely stomach at times. You will need to acknowledge whatever it is that irritates the other and agree to work on it.

By putting effort towards this, the love your partner has for you will grow. Lovers like to know that their partner is making a special effort just for them.

The worst part about being in a relationship is when a misunderstanding arises and suddenly all is gone. During such moments, it may be wise to sit back and identify what went wrong, how you contributed, and what you can do to restore the situation between you and your ex girlfriend.

She Doesn't Want to See Me

I usually wonder why she doesn’t want to see me. A good review on why my ex would never want to come across anything that might connect me to her will greatly help.

1. Her Way of Dealing with Uncomfortable Situations

I called her friend Dorah, and asked why she did not want to pick my phone calls. All she could say to me was that she normally deals with uncomfortable situations by avoiding any circumstance that would bring her and the situation once again into contact.

I thought this was rather childish not knowing my arrogance was not a step on how to get your ex girlfriend to want you back. However, everyone is private and tend to deal with situations uniquely.

2. Her Way of Communicating

Has she moved on? Maybe she has moved on and she finds it difficult to tell me, so she would rather not see me. I find this absurd as it cannot help solve the situation but rather only worsen it. Even you would have done this as you try possible ways on how to get your ex back.

Every time I call her or decide to go to her place, she does anything under her jurisdiction to ensure we do not meet. Her younger sister tried to communicate a message to me that implied that she has found another guy and maybe I should move on.

3. Her Way of Healing

After having been heartbroken for so long, she may have decided to stay away from me so as to heal. So she doesn’t want to see me in order to ease the situation.

The sister told me that she has been heartbroken in many previous circumstances, and so she needs no more heartbreak and may be more time to heal. As a human being I found it wise to give her more time to heal as this is one step on how to get your ex back. I found the steps here –

4. She Relates Me with Her Past

Sometimes it is good to go further and identify steps on how to get your ex girlfriend back. Dorah told me that she never wanted anything that would remind her of her past and she had decided to focus on her future.

I knew this is the reason why she avoids anything that connects me to her. Sometimes this is not wise considering that human beings can forgive. It really hurts as I am trying everything possible to restore the situation.

Forgive Me


As I get to analyze the situation step by step, I find it incongruous to be mad as we can always do something to get back to normal life situation by reviewing what went wrong and how it can be corrected.

Marriage is truly a beautiful relationship to be in. To know that you are in love and are loved back is simply amazing. To know that someone made the decision to wake beside you each morning should be motivation enough for you to learn how to keep your marriage alive.

There are some hints which will help you keep your marriage alive if well used. You would like your union to be a healthy, loving one no doubt.

1. Communicate on all issues openly

Communication in Relationship

If you want to have trust in each other, you need to keep communication lines open. Whether you have a conflict or any other thing that will have a bearing on the marriage, make an effort to discuss it with your partner however uncomfortable it may be.

Be respectful and understanding with communication. Listen and give your side of the situation without any show of disrespect. Openness brings about more trust and love in the marriage and this will definitely make you both alive in it.

2. Explore your hobbies together as family

People who get married tend to have a lot in common. This also includes the hobbies and areas of interest. Hence, you need to create time to explore these together with your children. You could devote some time for playing with the young ones out in the yard or going for long walks as a family.

As a couple, ensure that you have time for this alone without the interruption of the children. You will definitely keep your marriage alive if you practice this.

3. Organize for interaction with other families

You will find the marriage become boring if it only revolves entirely around your partner and kid. Create some time to interact and establish friendship with other couples. You can even organize to go away on group excursions.

Inviting other couples to dine with you could teach you a thing or two about the relationship you have as spouses and make you appreciate the marriage more.

4. Have some romantic “alone” time with your partner

Be Romantic

Ultimately, the love and passion between couples die off not because they stop to love each other; but merely because they do not get ample time to focus on being intimate. Work and children can really be an aspect in such a situation.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you keep the passion and desire between the two of you. Go for romantic dates or getaways just the two of you. You will be amazed by the kind of life it injects into your marriage.

5. Be friends above everything else

Friends complement each other. They rarely remain friends when they start to compete. The same goes for marriage. You need to complement each other, not outdo, in your quest to raise a happy family.

A friend is the one you can tell your fears without much hesitation. She will in turn correct you when you are wrong without leaving you feeling like murk.

This is the way it should be in a marriage as well. At the end of it all, it takes the friendship you have to keep you together in the wake of the trials of marriage.

6. Keep the sex enjoyable and fun

Sex is like a lubricant that keeps the engine working in a marriage. Do not stint on it!

Relationships are like glass, sometimes it is better to leave them broken than get hurt trying to put it back together. But what can you do when this relationship cost you a fortune to build and now it has gone down the drain? This is the moment you try hard to fight for what you believe in.

Boyfriend Hates Me

Fighting for what you believe in does not guarantee a win but you will be content that you tried to work it out. Women have been heard saying my ex boyfriend hates me but I still love him. This scenario is devastating.

Great hate follows great love. You must have loved so much for you to hate with the same passion. Devising ways of how to get ex your boyfriend back can be an uphill task. In order to win and make him stop hating you, there are a few things that you need to look into:

1. Find Out Why HE Hates You

Hate is a feeling that grows just like love. You cannot wake up one morning and decide to hate. There must be something that they do or keep doing that irritates you so much and you begin hating them for it.

If you want to know how you can get your boyfriend back then you have to find out the reason why he hates you so much yet you still love him. Once you identify the reason, try and change if you can and this might just make him stop hating you.

2. Give Him Time

When your boyfriend hates you and you still love him, do not pester him to stop hating you or to get back with you. This will give him the impression that you are a clinger. Give him time and space to discern the true feeling in his heart.

You will realize that when he sees less of you, the hate will soon turn into memories and he will start missing you and probably come find you.

3. Avoid Blame Game

Do not start blaming him for all your shortcomings. You must have made him start hating you in the first place. It is normal to be in denial at first and blame him for everything but that will not solve the problem.

So instead of blame, forgive him and let time do its magic. Even if you want him back, patience is a virtue that you must put into practice.

4. Talk It Out

If you have tried all the approaches above and he still hates you then do what many people don’t do. Talk it out. Find him, sit him down, and tell him exactly how you feel about him and how he makes you feel when he hates you yet you love him so much.

Tell him how it would be important for you to get back together and work things out as mature people. Dialogue is known to be the best way to solve a problem, so don’t be AFRAID to open up to him.

After all is said and done, the same way you can’t stop someone from loving you is the same way you cannot stop someone from hating you if they want to. So this is free relationship advice to women, when you have tried all you can to make your boyfriend stop hating you and he still hates you, then it is time to walk away.

Painful as it is, you will appreciate that move someday. Just get out and find a way of healing.

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